New Release

Whitehall Wash

by The Mutations

Whitehall Wash is the debut Single from the Mutations upcoming debut EP 'Folk Singin Folk for Folk'

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OFS 001 Cover

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How can we create a better society for everyone, instead of the perception of a fair society that in reality creates inequality?

I believe the only way is, by making sure the arts does not get away with normalising elitism and greed, without challenging the sycophantic culture the arts promote, there will never be a equal society that reflects the needs of all its citizens and residents.

The music industry is founded by multinational corporations that abuse their power, That is possible because people allow sycophancy to accept the elitism of the music industry, this is crazy and utterly ridicules, self respect is a very important element of gaining respect and equality. do not be fooled by the sugar daddy's that keep feeding the greed of the music industry. We need change.

One Foot would like to build a local small business, no different to any other local business, without the hype & sycophancy, we want to be part of our community, not hidden in VIP walls others can not access, elitism is frowned upon within banking industry & big business, why can't people see, Music Industry is no different.

I would not be able to justify a dream of becoming 'famous' or a millionaire when in Tory Britain in 2017, people need foodbanks, homelessness is rising, and selfish individualism is sold as aspiration, and greed is normalised as success. I shall aim to record, perform and promote music people can enjoy, without the need for elitism that has made the western world so unequal.

Our digital downloads will only be available at, I do not agree with tax dodging corporations like Apple or the advertising industry, I would not want to be a hypocrite that exploits iTunes or other corporate outlets for selling music. the world wide web is an opportunity to have world without borders, Let's not allow corporations like Facebook, Amazon or Apple to carve Borders within it. One Foot site is my local record label store.

I thank you for reading my few thoughts
Love n Respect