"Whitehall Wash",The Mutations debut Single. Non-fiction music

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As the USA increases it's authoritarian economic sanctions on the people of Iran, It is very important to get informed.

Whitehall Wash

by The Mutations

Whitehall Wash is the debut Single from the Mutations upcoming debut EP 'Folk Singin Folk for Folk'

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OFS 001 Cover

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The Mutations are a project based around the poetry of One Foot founder Bijan Tayri. The tracks are an opinnion and observation of the inequality and elitism which has been normalised within liberal 'democratic' societies, none more so by the exploitation of sycophancy manufactured through the entertainment industries of Film, Music, Art and Sport. One Foot may have no links to Film Art, or Sport, but being a musician, Bijan believes he has a duty to himself to be a voice of social equality. One Foot does not believe sycophancy justifies creating privilaged elites through the music industry.

People must realise to empower themselves they can not normalise an elite class willingly to be subordinate to, believing in them as 'heroes' and 'role models' because sycophancy has replaced critical thinking.

One Foot will strive to highlight the only difference between a musician and 'superstar' is the marketing campaign dollars behind them and not the talent or humanity within them. it is much like the difference between a Boris Johnson and a Ahed Tamimi.

(Click Downloads)"Whitehall Wash",The Mutations debut Single. Socially conscious political Non-fiction music genre (Click Downloads)