Today more than ever we need the arts to fight for the working-class people rather than normalise the elitism and greed of the wealthy

One Foot believes in equal opportunity and social justice. We reject the plutocratic society created in the name of liberal democracy.

Our first release, "Folk Singin' Folk for Folk" by The Mutations, is a poetic commentary on the social issues affecting our society in the UK and beyond. Songs inspired by the poems of Bijan Tayari (One Foot founder), The Mutations add the rhythm to the words.

"Folk Singin' Folk for Folk", challenges religion, "Liberal democracy", the working class loss of self respect, corruption of Whitehall and extended government and more. The first of 2 EP's to be released from sessions recorded in 2015, but due to shituation beyond Bijan's control, it has taken four years to complete. The EP "Folk Singin' Folk for Folk" will be available to buy in the near future, in the mean time, we hope you enjoy a few tracks from the EP;

Folk Singin Folk for Folk

Listen to the Loaded Tosh

Belief or Faith

Who You Foolin'