The Mutations

The Mutations are a project put together, thanks to Keith's (Bowers)encouragement, to put a band to the songs I had been writing over the years.

we starting jamming around 2012 thanks to The Get-Outs, allowing us to share the fountain kitchen studio (Bristol), as a trio, Bass = Keith Bowers, Drums = Keith Hall, me Bijan Tayari = Guitar/Vocals.

The Instigator

As our name suggests The Mutations is a fluid band, with interchanging members, not dictated by the line-up. we atrted as a trio, recorded our upcoming EP as a four, thanks to Dave Edgar & Mathew Colley of The David J Edgar Hoovers for joining Keith and I after Keith Hall was touring with Annette Berlin at this momment THe Mutations will be performing as a acoustic duo and look forward to launching our debute EP (Folk Singing Folk for Folk) and One Foot's first official release on the 1st July exclusively on our website here.

gig dates to be announced in the future,

Love n Respet Bijan Tayari

The Keith's