One Foot

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The Mutations:

Whitehall Wash

Whitehall Wash lyrics

Listen Dub (remix)

A few collaborations from the past.

Tan (Drums), Hedgehog (Synths), Charlie (Trumpet), Stew (Guitar), Bijan (Synths, Vocals, Bass, Santur)

All tracks written, recorded & mixed by Bijan Tayari (between 2000-2002) exept Blakay, written & recorded with Tan & Hedgehog


Dreadlocks In Mono Lights

Dub Wise

Whitehall Wash - The Mutations OFS 001
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Welcome To One Foot

We Have Great News!!!

I am proud to say that after 20 years, One Foot has found premises to build our Recording Studio. Our home is now Mold, Flintshire, Wales. 2022 will be the year of The Foot, we will now be able to put our words into practice. more information to come very soon......

Our first release, "Folk Singin' Folk for Folk" by The Mutations, is a poetic commentary on the social and cultural issues affecting our society in the UK and beyond. Songs are inspired by the poems I (Bijan Tayari) have written over the years, The Mutations have added rhythm to those words.

"Folk Singin' Folk for Folk", challenges religion, "Liberal democracy", the working class loss of self respect, corruption of Whitehall and extended government and more. The first of 2 EP's to be released from sessions recorded in 2015, but due to shituation beyond Bijan's control, it has taken four years to complete. The EP "Folk Singin' Folk for Folk" will be available to buy in the near future, in the mean time, we hope you enjoy a few tracks from the EP;

Folk Singin Folk for Folk

Listen to the Loaded Tosh

Belief or Faith

Who You Foolin'

Poems From My Heart Cover

I Have put together a free short copy of a poetry book I am hoping to publish i the future called, "Poems From My Heart". this short E-book is available to download, in EPUB and PDF formats from our Shop.

We hope you enjoy the book