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If you care for the NHS, you must watch this documentary;Sell Off NHS, Documentary by Peter Bach

'Your NHS has been quietly transformed into a business ready for corporate takeover and conversion to the American private insurance model. In 'Sell-Off', filmmaker Peter Bach exposes the two decade covert privatisation which has occurred without public mandate and against the public interest'

A MUST read article, by, Dr Bob Gill Junior Contract and American Corporate Takeover and also watch The Great NHS Heist - Sell Off II

If knowledge is power, read on to be empowered:

The Noam Chomsky Website

Jon Pilger Website

Mr Ethiical Website

21st Century Wire

Vanessa Beeley; Journalist

The Naomi Klein Website

Eva Bartlett; Journalist In Gaza

Elijah Magnier; Middle East Politics

The Skwawkbox blog

The Bristol Cable

Morning Star Newspaper

Evolve Polotics Website


Global Justice Now

Cotton Campaign

A charity close to my heart
Action for Orphans

if you can support them, please do.

album cover album cover


The Mutations @ One Foot Hilters Festival

The Mutations:

Whitehall Wash

Listen Dub (remix)

Whitehall Wash lyrics

Whitehall Wash is the single from the Mutations EP "Folk Singin Folk for Folk" to be released soon.

below are short edits of the songs from the Mutations EP Folk Singin Folk for FOlk Cover

Belief or Faith

Listen to the Loaded Tosh

Look in the Mirror

Whitehall Wash (Single Release)

Who You Foolin'